I am making a promise to you right now that I will place at least one post per week. They’ll start as roundups or posts about the past things I’ve wanted to post (yes folks, I have not forgotten whom you were  and how you chose to handle things. Soon the rest of the world will come to know your shenanigans as well! Soon, the truths will come out and one of these stories is simply funny. Soon, I promise, this bull crap train will get rolling.

Karmas teeth will be sharp and will cut deep!

This is simply AMAZING!

New year new… blah!

So I’ve neglected this site for some time. I’ve wanted to make this something that I would constantly post on about all the randomness, but I’ve never kept up. Whelp, I’m hoping that this will change a little this year and I’ll put more things up. I know that there are a few posts that I really wanna put up here. The subjects are:

Matthew Curtis
Josh Graham
The bitch that sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong, Jayme Timothy or Kelleher as she’s now known. This trick just came in and started some shit that had nothing to do with anything going on.

Those will each have their own post if I don’t actually give them dedicated page to immortalize their stupidity and make it just that much easier for them to find this info. I’ve bit my tongue long enough when it comes to these assholes and It’s about time to just have at it.

Oh my damn!

Ok… this chic here is, well, just freaking look for yourself!¬†She’s got some wicked moves!


This is a great photo session.


LEGO dock… this is a must!

I’m definitely going to have to give this a whirl! I may even have to make one for my iPad Mini!


Wicked new product: Air Stylus

If this works as advertised then it’s gonna freakin’ be awesome! I think I’m gonna have to test this out sometime soon!

How Air Stylus Works:
After purchasing the app on their iPads, users install the free Air Display host software on their computers, then launch the app on their iPads. Once the wireless connection is made from the computer, users may launch their graphic design program, drag its window to the iPad’s screen, activate their pressure-sensitive pen and begin to draw directly on the iPad’s display.

Pricing and Availability:
Air Stylus 1.0 is available for $19.99 USD

~ iClarified


To see the full review from iClarified follow this link: Air Stylus Review

What an asshat!

This flake of a worthless human being is totally deserving of the shit-storm he’s going to receive. Why the hell would you go to a pound, get a dog, then say you give him a “choice” of picking him or a different owner? How did that work? Hey Bronson, I dig ya and all, but I think that you may be happier with someone else. Let me take you back to the pound so you can pick. Oh wait, you followed me after I took off from the pound and I accidentally hit you with my car but it’s only because you were a product of the environment so let me take you to LA and leave you there for someone else to pick since you’re a stray and sometimes strays just move on anyway.

This freakin’ moron… I just don’t have anymore words on how to describe him. It just doesn’t make sense. I love the last part of the interview clip though – really sets this guy up as to whom he really is as a, ahem, person.

Check out the clip:

New Mexico State Police…

Having gotten a speeding ticket in New Mexico on the way home from California to Florida, I already have a disdain for them being that we would have been going just under the posted speed limit after another 250 feet up the highway. The guy was just trying to hit quota since it was the 30th of May – dick!

Then we see this:

No wonder people dislike the police and their actions. They say we’re out to get them – don’t have to do too much work when they just feed us their idiocies and reasons not to trust them.

Damn Joe!

Mr. Joe Rogan with a spinning back kick… dude KNOWS he won! Get it Joe Joe!